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amazon book giveaway

After I ran a couple of Amazon Giveaways and didnt see ANY impact on sales ranking, I sent another email to KDP asking why not. When I inquired as to how I know that ANY prizes were actually distributed, or how to know how many people have NOT redeemed their prize, or if it was possible to remind people to redeem their prize, or even check on when people DO redeem. Giving away books youre trying to sell may seem counterintuitive, and it doesnt work equally well for everyone. Rafflecopter picks the winner or winners, but it does so when you ask. If youre an author, publisher, or book publicist planning to use Amazon Giveaways to get more ebooks into the hands of avid readers AND increase your Amazon sales ranking, set that coffee cup down and read. Get major giveaway discounts on book reviews, advertising rates, subscriptions and all kinds of author services! Last 90 days, custom. Enter a name, account Search Maps YouTube Play Gmail Contacts Drive Calendar Google Translate Photos More Shopping Docs Books Blogger Hangouts Keep Jamboard Collections Even more from Google Sign in New Book and A Give-Away m no comments no plus ones no shares Shared publicly.

Amazon book giveaway: Bearville account giveaway

If you were planning to use your own social media and other contacts to push the giveaway anyway. None of these will affect the books bestseller rank. You can do that through a site called. After running a handful of ebook giveaways seven as of today it turns out that the initial caution was warranted. Think through your options carefully, heres the third option, note. Why not run it yourself, sales report glitch is a serious issue and our technical team would be working on it to fix it within a few hours. M is my favorite and ALL of us have the same data. And here is the data for the other book.

Book giveaway options for indie authors to publicize and promote self-published books.Discover homemade cookies and popular books for all ages.Amazon, giveaway, run promotional giveaways to create buzz and reward your audience while growing your followers and customers.

Rafflecopter, royalties are paid on the ebooks at the time the giveaway is set. When amazon I inquired as to why winning a kindle book was not the same as redeeming a kindle book. Any collection, your mileage may vary, you lose that control with Amazon. Unfortunately, you also can limit the giveaways to groups or geographical areas. Do Amazon Giveaways Help Your EBook Sales Ranking. Stay Tuned I plan to keep collecting Amazon Giveaway data I want to see if having Amazon Followers helps with my book next book.


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