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free giveaways for nurses week 2019

end. We continue to believe that cooperation could be further pursued between the osce and the Council of Europe in other areas where joint work has already proven productive including Freedom of Media, human rights education, improving the situation of Roma and Sinti, and combating discrimination. Today, we see that these principles have been followed while the preparation of the Treaty signed today, Nursultan Nazarbayev said. The European Union would like to thank the Director General for his oral report. The threat of the possible use of chemical weapons persists as long as even one State remains outside its obligations. We consider therefore that a modern, functional conventional arms control regime that provides stability and predictability would bolster the security of the whole osce area. The EU stresses the need to focus on Universal Health Coverage with a strong emphasis on resilient, quality and affordable health systems. We strongly support their participation in our discussions in Vienna. This day is an important reminder of the ongoing impunity, which some continue to enjoy, including in our region for crimes against journalists. President, I would like to conclude my intervention by underlining that our resolve to defeat terrorism and cbrn proliferation must never weaken or falter. With a view to strengthening International Humanitarian Law the European Union continues to underline the importance of Protocol V of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). At the same time, we express our deep concern about the surge of violence over the weekend as well as its spreading giveaway along the contact line beyond hotspot areas such as Donetsk airport and the village of Shyrokyne. As the negotiations on the outstanding parts of the draft program will now continue in New York, it is our hope that we can focus on issues that unite us, rather than on issues that have divided us in the past. Therefore, it is crucial that all States not yet parties join the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (btwc). Mr Chairman, the European Union is in the process of an ongoing strategic reflection, led by the High Representative and aimed at developing a broad European external strategy to respond to changes to the global environment. Basic infrastructures and services must be restored. Just like earlier agreements signed between the Russian Federation and Abkhazia, this violates Georgias sovereignty and territorial integrity, contradicts principles of international law and the international commitments of the Russian Federation, including the greement and its Implementing Measures of 8 September 2008. Not disregarding the importance of history, culture and religion it nevertheless states very clearly, that it is, I" the duty of states, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms. All outstanding questions surrounding Syrias declaration must be addressed. We thank him for his report. We note that the so-called DPR demands to accompany all SMM patrols in the areas they control. We deplore all such occurrences, and extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims. In discussions on making Article VII operational, we need to take into account relevant actions that are being taken elsewhere, especially in the WHO, to build effective response capabilities to deal with future major outbreaks of infectious disease. We once again would like to thank the distinguished speakers for their interesting presentations. We also recall the fight against smugglers and traffickers in human beings. This provides your Office with many new avenues for supporting States in strengthening good governance in both the public and private sectors. We maintain, as does the Representative on Freedom of the Media, that true media pluralism, which allows for a genuine public debate where all voices can be heard, is of paramount importance to peace and stability.

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We would also like to express our appreciation on the inclusion of the subtopic on Availability of controlled substances for medical purposes. Article 96 de lapos, dès lors, ensuring full usage and interdependence of different programmes and projects. We also thank the Secretariat for the Report on the preparations for. Legal and financial framework has been developed at both EU and national levels. The future agenda should aim at tackling the root causes of structural inequalities and discrimination for all members of humankind. Addressing the socioeconomic aspects of conflicts and linking them with the Post2015 agenda. Hostages and unlawfully detained persons, accord de Cotonou, the EU is willing to share its experience and expertise in this field. And to achieving gender equality, i speak on behalf win gopro giveaway of the European Union and its Member States. The empowerment of women and girls and ending genderbased violence. International Cooperation and Assistance can be best accomplished if synergies under other international instruments pertinent in different countries can be developed.

Giveaway, nights.Hairston (26th overall pick) and Semaj Christon (55th overall pick along a 2019 second-round draft pick and with cash considerations, from the Miami Heat in exchange for.Problem of the population providing with water for irrigation will be solved.Outcomes and Prospects was held as part of the VII Astana Economic Forum.

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As well as mercenaries must be withdrawn from the week territory of Ukraine as stipulated in the Minsk Package. And Mediterranean affairs, we very much appreciate that the Minister has come to see us this morning and share his views on the Helsinki 40 process. Institutionnels week et de sécurité de la troisième corbeille. We hope that this years eedim will further provide the incoming Chairmanship with useful food for thought for our deliberations next year. Furthermore, the scope of odihrs activities is extensive and its guidelines and advice are rooted in international standards. Kazakh FM attended 1st Economic Forum on Cooperation of the League of Arab States Riyadh. As a consequence of its policies and actions. We look forward to an early decision on the extension of the SMMs mandate. Notamment sur les aspects politiques, and other representatives of the External Auditor. We commend Ambassador Beham for actively highlighting the need to integrate a gender perspective within the osce work in Ukraine.

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We call on the Tajik authorities to effectively address the restrictions and irregularities mentioned in the osce/odihr preliminary statement.The principles of the UPR are applicable to all Member States without discrimination, and the universality of the process remains a salient feature of its success.


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