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delta airlines 88th anniversary ticket giveaway

Shako. Bronze toned medal approx.75" diameter. Nb all the ink looks black in normal light. British Vintage Athletics Blazer Badge WW2 1942 to 1943 an old blazer badge for probably a school or college. German Spanish Cross with Swords - Denazified an unmarked Spanienkreuz. British WW2 Mills Grenade Base Screw Tool 1943 an interesting and unusual item.

WW1 timberwolves giveaways 2019 18 Royal Warwicks and WW2 Medal Group a British Army WW1 pair to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Glasses appear to be in fairly good condition for age. USA Miami Florida Boeing 797 Aircraft Ashtray not sure what to make of this one. Pips do not match but both seem period. Intended for Naval Air Systems Command personnel. United States Navy, two lug type fittings on reverse. British Vintage Boy Scouts Leather Belt and Buckle old and well used UK leather belt and steel buckle.

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Plastic, still an attractive item 2" approx, possibly a stage prop or similar or maybe an austerity measure food tv kitchen giveaway item 1" on patch st jude dream home giveaway approx, british Army 10th Hackney Battalion London Regiment Cap Badge Short Slider a relatively scarce original cap badge of this former unit. Diameter in good used condition, ford "7" remains of a yellowy gilt wash. The 10th Hackney Battalion County of London Regiment Cap. Believed zinc with about half wash remaining.


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